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Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award

The Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award aims to encourage business innovation by providing support and funding to under-represented or overlooked innovators.


What is the Innovate UK Unlocking 
Potential Award?


The Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award programme
aims to remove barriers to accessing finance that
businesses need to launch innovative ideas or projects.
This is often focused on innovators from groups that are
often under-represented or overlooked.

This program offers two levels of support ‘Begin’ provides
access to £15,000 to kick-start your innovation journey.
‘Build’ offers £50,000 in funding, along with personalised
support to encourage business growth.

Eligibility and exclusions


To apply for the Innovate UK Unlocking Potential Award,
you must identify with a community that is currently
considered to be under-represented in the innovation

You must also be a founder, co-founder or senior decision
maker within a UK-registered micro, small or medium
business that has been active for at least 12 months by the
award closing date. You must also be able to prove you are
a UK resident, carry out all project work in the UK and
exploit the results from or in the UK, and be aged 18 or above.


Benefits and scenarios


The aim of this awards programme is to embrace diversity
and nurture talent and skills in the UK.

It gives people from underrepresented backgrounds the
opportunity and funding to bring their business idea to life.



You can only access either the ‘Begin’ or ‘Build’ element
of the awards programme.

Think the Innovate UK Unlocking
Potential Award could be a good
fit for you?


Speak to one of our finance specialists today to find out
how you can get started.

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