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Equity Investment Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding for start-ups is a way for small businesses to raise money by getting investments from people who are keen to support their project or service. In return, those people involved in the funding for the small business start-ups become part-owners and might make money from the business if it succeeds.

What is equity investment crowdfunding?


Equity investment crowdfunding is one of many business finance options for startups or entrepreneurs to raise money from many different people. Each person invests a small amount in exchange for a share in the company's ownership and potential future profits.

It's a collective effort for early-stage funding where many individuals become part-owners and supporters of a business they believe in and want to back.

Eligibility and exclusions


Anyone can be eligible for equity crowdfunding for start-ups, as long as they have a compelling business idea or project.

Some exclusions may include businesses with certain legal or financial issues, those seeking large amounts of funding, or companies unable to share ownership with investors.

Benefits of equity crowdfunding


Private equity funding for small businesses gives you access to a large pool of potential investors, making it easier to secure funding for your projects or business ideas.

Involving regular people in the funding process creates a community of emotionally invested investors, leading to a boost in customer loyalty and support.

It might also create a media buzz, which can raise your business profile and attract new customers.



By promising a share of your business to many investors, equity crowdfunding for start-ups can lead to financial pressure if your business doesn't perform as expected, as this would impact your ability to grow or pay back investors.

As you will have many investors owning a portion of your business, you might have less control over important business decisions.

If you’re unable to get enough money from investors, your plan to raise funds might not work out.

Things you can use to
secure the finance


The most important thing to securing private equity crowdfunding is to have a clear and exciting business idea or project to get people keen to invest.

You can do this by creating a persuasive campaign on a crowdfunding platform, explaining why people should invest in your idea and what they will get in return for their support.

You’ll also need to give up a portion of your business’ ownership as well.

Think equity investment crowdfunding could be a good fit for you?


If you’re considering private equity funding for your small business, get in touch with us today. One of our specialists will be able to advise you on how to get started with tailored advice for your business.

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