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Cashflow Finance Solutions

Cashflow finance solutions help you manage your day-to-day expenses and business operations by providing quick access to money based on expected future income.


What is business cashflow finance?


This business finance option is usually based on the income you expect to receive in the future, helping you manage your cashflow more smoothly. This method can be utilised by growing businesses who are looking for scale up funding options.

Eligibility and exclusions


Any business that generates regular sales or has upcoming customer payments can be eligible to receive business cashflow finance. It helps businesses with fluctuating income or waiting for customer payments to access the money they need for daily expenses and smooth operations.


Benefits and scenarios


It's a way to get money for your business to cover everyday costs like bills, payroll, and inventory.

Cashflow finance for small businesses helps maintain a steady flow of money and is also a flexible way to borrow. It is one way of utilising business start-up support for your business.



Accessing cashflow finance solutions is quick and easy, which means that it might come with higher fees and interest rates. This increases the cost of borrowing and might affect business performance.

Relying too much on cashflow finance can result in too much debt, making it difficult to manage repayments and possibly affecting your business' long-term financial stability.

If your business has sudden drops in sales or customers take longer to pay, it could be hard to repay the cashflow finance on time.

Things you can use to
secure the finance


Getting cashflow finance for a small business relies on continued recurring incomes. It’s best for businesses that can demonstrate consistent cashflows.

Think cashflow finance for a small business could be a good fit for you?


If you’re considering cashflow finance solutions, get in touch with us today. One of our specialists will be able to advise you on how to get started with tailored advice for your business.

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