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NPIF Equity

Investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) provides investment to finance your business, in exchange for a small ownership stake in the company.



What is NPIF Equity?                        

Eligibility and exclusions                   

Benefits and scenarios                     


       Things you can use to secure the finance

Is NPIF Equity a good fit for you?     


What is NPIF Equity?


Backed by the government through the British Business Bank,
NPIF equity investment helps fund small to medium-sized
businesses who are looking to grow. 

In exchange for a portion of ownership in your business, NPIF
delivers its funding in partnership with dedicated fund
managers across the North of England.

Eligibility and exclusions


Any small business based in the North of England
that is seeking investment to rapidly grow can get
funding from NPIF. 

NPIF equity finance supports businesses that are in
either the early or later stages of their growth journey. 


Benefits and scenarios


NPIF equity finance is a great way to secure a
government-backed investment that is not debt

It gives you access to funding that cannot be
supported through debt-based products, like
commercial loans.



NPIF equity involves taking on external investors who
will want to have input in your business’ direction.
They’ll need to be seen as partners, so be ready to
compromise on some decisions.

Government funding also comes with extra scrutiny as
you’ll be funded by public money. 

Things you can use to
secure the finance


You’ll need to be prepared to give up some ownership 
in your business if you’re looking to secure NPIF equity

Think NPIF equity investment could
be a good fit for you?


Speak to one of our finance specialists today
to find out how you can get started.

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