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Angel Investors

Known as Angel Investors, they are wealthy individuals who invest their own money in promising startups in exchange for a share of ownership and potential future profits.


Who are Angel Investors?                 

Eligibility and exclusions                   

Benefits and scenarios                      


       Things you can use to secure the finance

      Is an Angel Investor a good fit for you?   


Who are Angel Investors?


Angel Investors are individuals who use their own 
money to support small and new to market businesses they 
believe in, hoping to make money if the business

In addition to taking an ownership stake, they also
provide financial help and share valuable knowledge
and experience to help the business grow.

Eligibility and exclusions


People with a promising business idea or registered
startup can be eligible for investment from angel
investors, while those with unproven or high-risk ideas
might be excluded.

Benefits and scenarios


Angel investors provide much-needed money to 
help your business grow and develop, giving you
the funds to bring your ideas to life.

They often have valuable knowledge and experience
in the business world, and they can offer guidance and
advice to help you make good business decisions.

Angel investors can also introduce you to their network 
of contacts, potential customers, or partners that could
support your business growth.




Accepting investment from angel investors 
means sharing ownership of your business,
which could lead to less control over important
business decisions.

They might have unrealistic expectations for your
success and might put pressure on you to achieve
certain goals, which can be challenging.


Things you can use to
secure the finance


You’ll need a compelling business plan that explains
your idea well and how it will be profitable, to secure
an angel investor.

To get their interest, you’ll have to connect with them
at events, introductions or through online platforms.

Offering a stake in your business is also key.

Overall, delivering a convincing pitch and showcasing
your passion and expertise, will likely get you over the line.

Think an Angel Investor could 
be a good fit for you?


Speak to one of our finance specialists today
to find out how you can get started.

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