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Disrupting cyber skills through business growth 

CAPSLOCK is an educational organisation that delivers career-changing cyber security bootcamps, entirely online. They help adults reskill through a curriculum that is built in collaboration with some of the UK’s largest cyber employers. 

Hands-on support to grow 

CAPSLOCK was founded by Dr. Andrea Cullen, Lorna Armitage, and Jonathan Slater. Collectively, they recognised that a career in cyber security was not accessible for many and current offering were not meeting the growing demand for digital and cyber skills within our economy.

GM Business Growth Hub’s Access to Finance team helped the CAPSLOCK team to develop and refine an investment pitch deck. Using this, the team was able to get referred to GC Angels 

GC Angels was impressed by the pitch, and invested £100,000 of their own funds  as part of a wider £540,000 funding round. The team at GC Angels provided management support  by attending board meetings, advising on strategy, establishing relevant business development goals, and monitoring financial performance.  

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Helping CAPSLOCK to grow to new heights

This hands-on support has allowed the business to successfully acquire contracts with the Department of Education (DoE) and telecoms giant BT, which has helped to transform the business. These contracts have enabled CAPSLOCK to continue to go from strength to strength. On the back of this success, it has also received significant acquisition interest, but is currently choosing to focus on scaling the business further and expanding revenue streams. 

Andrea and Lorna, Co-founders of CAPSLOCK Education, explained:   

“The funding and support from GC Angels, Ufi VocTech Trust, Tynton Group, our private investors, and the UK government has been transformative for CAPSLOCK, enabling us to expand our team and invest in our first cohorts. We’re so excited to drive further growth over the coming years, and to continue the conversation around the need for upskilling in cyber-security in the UK.” 

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